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From Cancun

Arriving at Cancun International Airport

You have several options on how to get to Belize from Cancun:
  • You can fly from Cancun International Airport to Belize International Airport with Tropicair
  • You can take the overnight ADO Bus from Cancun to Belize City.
  • You can stay overnight in Cancun or Playa Del Carmen and travel the next day by Ado bus to Chetumal at the Belize/Mexican border and then take a water taxi to the Cayes or cross the border to Corozal and take a plane.
  • You can hire a private car to pick you up at the airport or your hotel and take you to Belize

If you need assistance or clarification on any of the above methods of travel please email us with your questions(s)
We often travel this route.... this is how we do it.....

Exit the Cancun Airport : Ignore the time share hustlers, helpers and taxi touts :  Turn right and walk 500 yards along the front of the airport arrivals terminal. At the far end of the airport terminal is the ADO bus terminal with buses to the downtown Cancun and the Playa Del Carmen bus terminal leaving about every hour and cost around $12:00 U.S. per person.

Note : if you have missed the last bus, there are always taxis  available.
But also note these taxis can be very expensive - always ask the price and always try to bargain !

Arriving at the old bus terminal at the foot of 5th ave in Playa Del Carmen, exit the terminal and turn left.   You are now on 5th ave facing North.
We  usually walk 4 or 5 blocks along 5th ave to a place called "Hotel Pension San Juan" on the left hand side. This hotel has a nice roof top patio with kitchenette which is great for enjoying a cold beverage and doing some people watching It is around $50.00 a night. 

Note : 5th Ave Hotels can be noisey. There are several hostels and dozens of quieter budget and expensive hotels within a 100 yards from this property in the $30.00 - $200.00 range.

For dinner in Playa we never eat at over-priced 5th ave restauarants; instead we usually head one block East which is 10th Ave. There are several dozen reasonably priced steak, pizza and Mexican taco joints along this stretch.

Note - A good bottle of wine can be hard to find and very expensive in Belize. We sometimes purchase several good bottles of wine in Walmart or at neighboring warehouse grocery stores for a special occasion back in Belize.

The next morning we catch the 9:20 a.m. bus to Chetumal at the ADO bus station on 20th Avenue at Calle 14 (not the 5th ave station )

Tip : We usually purchase our ticket to Belize in advance on the evening before our trip.

The bus ride to Chetumal takes around 4.5 hours. Bring food, water, a sweater or blanket and a good book.

Arriving in Chetumal around 1:30 p.m ;  Most people take the boat from the Chetumal port  to San Pedro Belize and then onto Caye Caulker. The information below details this boat trip. If you do not want to take the boat please email us and we will advise on cross-border taxis, private shuttles and local airlines.

Exit the bus station; load your gear into the cab and say something like "Barco a Belice" -
Pay the taxi driver around 50 Pesos.
The once a day boat leaves the port in Chetumal at 3:30 p.m.

Note : There are 2 different water taxi companies. If you are unsure of what day you are leaving Caye Caulker and returning back to Mexico only buy a 1-way ticket.

The boat will cost around U.S. $60.00 per person.
Mexican Immigration will also charge you around U.S. $28.00 to exit the country.
The boat ride will take around 2 hours to arrive at your first stop San Pedro.
Everyone gets off the boat and all luggage is discharged.
You will now go through Belizean Immigration to get your passport stamped and then Customs to check your bags.
After clearing customs you may have a half hour or 45 minutes until the boat leaves for Caye Caulker. Grab a cold drink from a neighboring store and enjoy the warm Belizean trade winds - You are almost there !

The boat leaves San Pedro around 5:30 or 6:00 and takes around 20 minutes to get to Caye Caulker.

You should arrive on Caye Caulker between 6:00 - 6:30
Gather your luggage, grab a cab and tell the driver Colinda Cabanas.

Or if you are walking always remember we are 2 minutes from the airstrip on the front side of the island facing the reef.

YOU MADE IT !........GO SLOW.......LAUGH....HAVE FUN........WELCOME....